Casa+  is an engineering service for high energy-efficient buildings. Thanks to twenty years of research and experience resulting from a large number of new constructions and renovations, Casa+ develops the best solutions for each specific intervention, with the goal of increasing the well-being of people and reducing the impact on the environment.

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Our construction system combines the safety of a wooden supporting structure with the use of the most advanced materials and technologies, ensuring excellent (certified) values in terms of both consumption and comfort. The performance of Casa+ makes it possible to obtain an immediate gain due to low construction times and costs.

schema lucciola

The continuous commitment to the development of solutions for energy efficiency has led us to design a battery storage unit. Lucciola is an efficient storage and management system of electricity from renewable sources; in the event of a power failure, it can work as an UPS. Lucciola is among the most advanced products on the market considering the operating logic and the cost/benefit ratio.

In parallel, we have developed the domotics MAJORdomo. The aim is to provide an automation system as efficient as it is easy to install and use. Eradom offers a double advantage: it optimizes energy consumption of the envelope and maximizes comfort, health and safety of those living in the building. MAJORdomo is able to handle lights, electric heating, loads, alarms, video surveillance, motorized shades and awnings and irrigation. Concerning heating, the control unit MAJORdomo Clima manages the switching on and off of the system in a uniform way, dividing the building into temperature zones.