Lucciola is an innovative system of storage and management of electricity obtained from renewable sources.
The operation is simple: Lucciola stores the excess energy for use when convenience is maximum or in case of interruptions of the traditional line (black-outs, maintenance, etc.).
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Specifically Lucciola is:

  • an energy storage system.

Lucciola accumulates the excess of energy not used during the production of energy from photovoltaic sources (or even from other renewable sources such as wind), managing the charging current of the batteries and monitoring the relationship between production and instantaneous consumption of the loads.

Advantage: it maximizes auto-consumption by limiting the share of power drawn from the grid.

  • a device for energy management.

In the stages of non-production of energy, Lucciola uses the stored energy making the system effectively independent from the traditional grid.

Advantage: this feature makes it possible to consume auto-produced energy, significantly reducing the consumption of power from the grid and ensuring an energy cost which is constant in time.

  • an emergency unit.

In case of sudden disruption of power from the grid, Lucciola intervenes entering the stored energy, and reporting the status of exhaustion of the battery with a special light (or analog output).

Advantage: even in case of a black-out, the operation of the main devices in the building is guaranteed for long periods. Services such as alarms and freezers can be maintained, preventing burglars from breaking in by cutting the cable and avoiding the deterioration of food.

For detailed information, please refer to the presentation and the datasheet.

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