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4Usolution is an engineering company based in Piemonte, Italy. 4Usolution was founded in 2013 by a group of four professionals with extensive experience in the field of solutions for energy efficiency in buildings.

Our values

We created 4Usolution for “doing business” in accordance with the positive values that we represent. Values that are developed through the following objectives to be achieved.


Our core business is to sell energy efficiency. Energy efficiency, fortunately, can be measured. This is why our projects are demonstrable in numbers. So when we talk about savings and well-being, we always talk about actual performance and, therefore, a real improvement in the quality of life of people living in the building.

The more expensive solutions are not necessarily the most efficient. Real energy efficiency does not cost, rather it saves: if not immediately, in a reasonably short period of years.

The first step to achieve energy efficiency is a building envelope with good performance. At least from the conceptual point of view, the goal of consuming little energy should precede the choice of energy source, fossil or renewable. Sometimes, it is better to invest in good insulation (internal) rather than in a new renewable energy plant.


4Usolution is, first and foremost, a design company. This is why we devote a large part of our resources to R&D and we are constantly updating with all the new technology (and laws) that affect the market. If the scouting is unsatisfactory, we develop the best solutions – this is the case of the storage Lucciola and the domotics MAJORdomo.

We face problems using a practical approach. We know the construction site from an operational point of view and we are able to intervene successfully in all those cases where the theoretical knowledge collides with the endless case histories of reality.

Our partners

4Usolution is always looking for qualified partners who share the same vision and passion.

We are open to cooperation with all the professionals working in the field of technological solutions to energy efficiency, such as: architects, design firms, construction companies, software houses that develops automation systems, companies in the field of renewable energy, installers of photovoltaic systems.

Together with the customers we build a relationship of trust, destined to last. Our expertise allows us to offer on every occasion the best solution, the result of careful analysis of the cost-benefit ratio.

Contact with the local productive and social environment is essential. We work with local stakeholders – businesses, institutional organizations – to create wealth and promote development.